The Rudston Heritage Centre is open during daylight hours most days of the year.

The Rudston Heritage Centre, in the north aisle of All Saints Church, provides a range of resources for people to better understand the history of the village of Rudston. It has a 3D model of the village with LED lights to indicate the location of key elements of the history of Rudston and wall panels giving an overview of the history of Rudston.

Other resources include this website, which will be updated regularly. The Rudston Local History Group meets throughout the year and information from that group will add to our existing knowledge.

Current plans for the development of the Heritage Centre include:

  • additional signage at key points in the village
  • education packs for school visits
  • brochures covering the history of Rudston, All Saints Church, walks and other topics
  • mp3 recordings for use during walks and around the church
  • videos to ensure local memories of life in 20C Rudston are not lost




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